Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Why it is so important to use social media marketing

It's 2016 already

The "future" is upon us.  We are past the information age and into a whole new level of technological convenience. Everything is different now.

No longer do people pay much attention to TV or radio ads, they have become annoyed by commercials and disregard most ads.  Print ads line litter boxes and bird cages and direct mailers are happy with a 1% return on the mailings.

There has to be another way for a business to reach their clients....right?   There is!  It's social Media Marketing.  

When we say social media marketing there is much more to it than just putting out an ad and hoping people come in.  The business needs to create or share content that is of interest to the prospective client and the business must interact with that client.

Please read this article found on  I think you will find it interesting.

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